Dr. Cornelia GUJA

Cornelia Guja - (b. Mihalachi, 1939, Mihaileni, Botosani, Romania) is Titular member of the Academy of Romanian Scientists, scientific advisor at “Fr. Rainer” Anthropological Research Institute of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest, and Ph.D supervisor in the field of medical sciences. She activated as a senior scientific researcher at “Fr. I. Rainer” Anthropological Research Institute of the Romanian Academy (1972-2009).
 Education and professional training: She graduated high school at Câmpulung Muscel in 1956, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics at the University of Bucharest in 1961 and Faculty of Biology in 1972. In 1981 she received a PhD in Biology under the supervision of Professor St. Milcu, member of the Romanian Academy with specialization in endocrinology and anthropology. Cornelia Guja activated as an assistant lecturer at ‘N.Bălcescu’ Agronomic Institute in Bucharest, Physics Department, until 1973 when she transferred to the Anthropological Research Centre in Bucharest, today “Francisc Rainer” Anthropological Research Institute of the Romanian Academy. During the period 1998-2006 she was associated professor at the Ecological University of Bucharest and since 2003 she has been a PhD supervisor in the field of medical sciences.
She initiated and developed theories in the following fields: ‘Integronics”, ‘Interface Theory’, ‘Information Sciences”, which she presented at various international manifestations, some of the aspects having already been taken over and applied. She is the author or co-author of over 190 works published in books, specialized journals or in the volumes of various national and international congresses.

Original Achievements:
She initiated biophysical and electro-physiological researches, especially electrography and medical anthropology, and organized a specific laboratory, developing a new field of Individual’s Anthropology.
She carried out research of medical anthropology, approaching palmo-plantar electrography from an original angle and establishing criteria for informational diagnosis while working with people in emergency situations at the University Hospital in Bucharest during the period 1994-1999.
She is the creator of the laboratory of biophysics, physiology and electrography where she applied, extended and adapted the electronographic method and introduced electrographic typology and diagnosis in anthropological research, she developed the ‘Integronic Theory’ (1977…) and ‘The Interface Theory (1987...) based on personal experiments and interdisciplinary studies of the halo of various bodies at their interface.
She initiated and developed the fields of Anthropological Electrography, Individual’s Anthropology, Interfaces theory, Informational Anthropology, Anthropological Biocosmology, Biocosmological Informational and Individual’s anthropology.

Books author or co-author: “The Haloes of the Bodies. Interfaces with the Cosmos” Encyclopaedic Printing House, Bucharest 1993, reissued in 2000; “Anthropology at Present and in Perspective”, Prospect Anthropos Printing House, Bucharest 1997; “The Halo of the Human Body. Introduction to Individual’s Anthropology”, Polirom Printing House, Iaşi 2000; Informational Complexity and Diversity in Electrographic Images”, Charm-Scott Printing House, Bucharest 2001; the anniversary volume “65 Years from Inauguration of Francisc I. Rainer” Anthropological Research Institute” Bucharest, “C. Davila” University Printing House, Bucharest 2005; “Guide of General Anthropology from Interface Theory Perspective”, “C. Davila” University Printing House, Bucharest 2007.

International congresses participation: She presented works at the following IUAES (International Union of ANTHROPOLOGICAL and ETHNOLOGICAL sciences) World and Inter congress editions: Williamsburg (1998), Beijing (2000), Tokyo (2002), Florence (2003), Calcutta (2004), Pardubice (2005) and at the following EAA (European Anthropological Association) Congress editions: Cambridge (2000), Budapest (2006) as well as at the IVth International Anthropological Congress of Ales Hrdlicka Prague (1999), ISPNE (International Society of Psihoneuroendocrinology) Regional Congress St. Petersburg (2001), 8th ICCEES (International Council for Central and East European Studies) World Congress Stockholm (2010), First International Seminar on Biocosmology Novgorod Veliky (2010), "3rd International Seminar on Biocosmology and 1st International Witten Seminar on Philosophy and Medicine" Witten (2012), ISSR (International Society for Science&Religion) Conference Vienna (2015).

Memberships: Commission of Interdisciplinary Studies of the Romanian Academy (since 1974), Society of Medical Sciences in Romania (1983), Romanian Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology (1994), Titular member of the Academy of Romanian Scientists (1996), European Anthropological Association (1998), International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology (2001), International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences IUAES (2000), Biocosmological association (2010).

Awards and Distinctions: “Iuliu Haţieganu” Romanian Academy Prize (1995) for the “Aurele corpurilor. Interfete cu cosmosul (The Halo of the Bodies. Interfaces with the Cosmos)” (1993), India-Romania Friendship Award, 2005, “George Emil Palade ” Academy of Romanian Scientists Prize, 2008 for the „Antropologie informaţională” (Informational Anthropology).

Social activity: She delivered conferences for science popularization purposes at houses of culture, and students’ clubs; collaborated at radio and TV programs on various themes on anthropology and haloes of bodies, information, on electrographic investigations as method of medical diagnosis; she started and contributed to the drafting and editing of “The Human Being” journal.