Cornelia GUJA, 2012, MODEL OF COSMIC CYCLICITY OF TERRESTRIAL HUMAN ACTIVITIES Academy of Romanian Scientists, Annals Series on Biological Sciences, Copyright ©2012 Academy of Romanian Scientist, Volume 1, No. 1, 2012, pp. 130 – 144, Online Edition,                                                         


Abstract: The paper has in view to continue and develop the human models that lie at the basis of Informational Anthropology (Guja, 2008) and Individual’s Anthropology (Guja, 1989), by placing the human being and society within the cosmic context in which it actually is and with which it coexists. It is important to underline the effects of the Earth’s continuous movement in space upon our everyday existence. We attempted to answer questions with anthropological character, such as: What is the process ensuring good transmission of fundamental sociocultural behaviours, the generic and genetic causative support of their historical continuity? The field is studied by cultural anthropology and other sociocultural sciences and there is a great diversity of the debates depending on the work hypothesis we started from. In this paper I deal with the problem from the positions of Informational Anthropology, Biocosmology and modern Relativistic-Quantum Physics, starting from the hypothesis that the fundamental causal factor that determined the good organization of anthropological processes in time is cyclicity and periodicity of the cosmic context which is reflected at the level of individual and collective conscience.
Key words: anthropologic model, cosmic cyclicity, cyclic cultural interface