Elements of Biocosmological Anthropology: Informational Integration by Archetypal Forms

Guja Cornelia, (2012), Elements of Biocosmological Anthropology: Informational Integration by Archetypal Forms, 3rd International Seminar on Biocosmology and 1st International Witten Seminar on Philosophy and Medicine (June 30th and July 1st, 2012, Witten/Herdecke University),  Germany, Book of Abstracts, pp.19,

Abstract. The birth of a new research direction in a certain field is determined by the appearance of new  objectives for the field under study in which one finds new interdependencies, new types of relations or  new forms of communication specific of the new objective. Constituting an Informational  “Biocosmological Anthropology” would fulfill a natural aspiration for the modern epoch. Man-Cosmos  interrelation within Anthropology is indirectly implicated in many sub-fields but not as a declared object as such, with its own methodological status. Biocosmology, initiated and developed in the last few years under the auspices of “The Biocosmological Association - BCA”: http://en.biocosmology.ru/the- biocosmological-association---bca, meets many essential problems of present Anthropology. Some of the concepts and the theoretical and experimental methodology which lie at the basis of Informational Anthropology: http://www.corneliaguja.blogspot.com/ may be a starting point for supporting and developing the conceptual foundation of Biocosmology: Biocosmology and Informational Anthropology: Some Common .... The experiments we made during our laboratory researches in the field of Individual‟s Anthropology regarding electrographic diagnosis revealed the fact that, between the integrating and adaptive processes in the internal, organic medium and the external environment there are very interesting interactions that may be seen on a radiological negative. The electrographic diagnosis consists in interpreting the images existing on the radiological film by interposing the palms in a high voltage electromagnetic field for a few second fractions. The images contain imprints of certain electric discharges, sparks, on the photosensitive film. After computerized analysis of thousands of such images, we reached the conclusion that the shapes of electrical discharge may be classified in a few categories that help establish the diagnosis health/illness. These shapes prove to be well known in our planetary and
cosmic existence – archetypal forms. The paper presents the results of these studies carried out during
several decades. Interpretation of comparative studies has led to conclusions regarding man‟s integration and adjustment owing to the presence of certain communication forms (archetypal codes) which we consider to be specifically informational. They are present in the interface of all systems and subsystems that are interacting and are integrated in the environment on the Earth and maybe in the farther Cosmos.