Fractal Analysis of Palmar Electrographic Images. Medical Anthropological Perspectives

Guja, Cornelia, Voinea V., Baciu, Adina,Ciuhuta M., Daniela Crisan, (2008), Fractal Analysis of Palmar Electrographic Images. Medical Anthropological Perspectives, Journal of Medicine and Life, Vol.1, No. 4, October-December:

Abstract. The present paper brings to the medical specialists’ attention a possibility of multivalent imagistic investigation – the palmar electrographic method submitted to a totally new analysis by the fractal method. Its support for information recording is the radiosensitive film. This makes it resemble the radiological investigation, which opened the way of correlating the shape of certain structures of the organism with their function. By the specific electromagnetic impressing of the ultra photosensitive film,palmar electrography has the advantage of catching the shape of certain radiative phenomena, generated by certain structures in their functional dynamics – at the level of the human palmar tegument. This makes it resemble the EEG, EKG and EMG investigations. The purpose of this presentation is to highlight a new modality of studying the states of the human organism in its permanent adaptation to the living environment, using a new anthropological, informational vision – by fractal processing and by the couple of concepts system / interface – much closer to reality than the present systemic thinking. The human palm, which has a special medical-anthropological relevance, is analysed as a complex adaptive biological and socio-cultural interface between the internal and external environment. The fractal phenomena recorded on the image are ubicuitary in nature and especially in the living world [1,2,3,4] and their shapes may be described mathematically and used for decoding their informational laws. They may have very usefulimplications in the medical act. The paper presents a few introductory elements to the fractal theory, and, in the final part, the pursued objectives are concretely shown by grouping the EG images according to certain more important medical-anthropological themes.